Allies and Alliances


We know nobody is perfect?. So we use the pool of experience from external consultants to help preventing us from making mistakes. Ralf Adam, who has been in this business for a long time, accompanies this project regularly, supported by American consultant Noah Falstein.

Dynamedion is responsible for the proper nerve-wracking sound and emotion whipping music.

Thanks to Nico Nowarra and Daniel Finger from Men in Text, the current production has an exciting story with lively dialogues.

The perfect animations are the result of the work of the motion capturing studio Centroid, professional actors, director Michael Frick and of course our in-house animators.

Our partner is Germany’s most famous publisher; Sunflowers. Sunflowers will market our games as successfully as their products Anno 1602, Anno 1503 and many others. And as we could not let such an opportunity and someone of that kind slip from us, we joined forces for better for worse in August 2001. Since then Sunflowers has had a 30 % share in SEK GmbH.

As everyone knows, SEK is not alone in the wide world of developers. We play an active part in Berlin's fast-flourishing scene. With six others we founded the Association of computer and video game developers of Berlin & Brandenburg (G.A.M.E.) at the beginning of 2003, with the aim of pooling our ideas on game design and also representing our common interests.

To emphasize this idea SEK and 15 other developer studios have founded a federal association of game developers in March 2004.

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