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Adios, 2005!

Short headline, short update.

New Year's Eve: highly commercial event made up by the industry to ... sell stuff. Or so I've been told. Also typically dominated by the masses rushing out to purchase fireworks and other kinds of explosives. To efficiently drive away the evil spirits. Of course. But then again... we're doing that every year and "Whose Line is it anyway?" is still being aired nevertheless.

And while we're bidding farewell to 2005 we can also take a brief look at 2006: expect more updates, more Paraworld-related news, more previews, new videos and some smaller and bigger surprises we got in the pipeline for you! Not to mention the game itself, which will hit the store shelves next year as well. Now that sounds like a lot to look forward to!

That said - Happy New Year, everyone!

zee SEK

P.S.: The obligatory SEK gift adoption reminder.

SEK Propaganda - Santa Edition

See, all the prayers and begging didn't help it - even Christmas isn't going to keep us from posting updates.

As always, the most important news first: Marco "Seriously, you'll get that crate of beer very soon!" Roeth somehow did survive last week's update. Tsk.

Also, there's a photo we forgot to add to our Games Academy report in the previous entry. Here's one from the "Okaaaaayyyyy" department.

And if you still haven't heard of it by now: we did put a little Christmas gift for the community online. The Paraworld main theme as available for download over at the official homepage now! The soundtrack was composed by Pierre Langer and Tilman Sillescu from Dynamedion and recorded by Magdeburg Symphony Orchestra. (We did mention that earlier.) Curious? Just head over to this page to grab the music!

And if you know some German or don't mind using good ol' Babelfish you can also check out new previews such as this one over at or this one from, who got to visit us a while ago. Quick translation of the conclusion:
RTS fans, take not that Paraworld is going to provide a straight strategy experience, which, thanks to some innovations, will offer a depth rarely seen before in the genre. I personally am looking forward to the multiplayer battles. But the interesting story should also appeal to players with singleplayer preference. Paraworld's also highly to be the new genre benchmark in terms of graphics.

And what else is new? Well, there was the obligatory SEK Christmas party! Delicious food and nice mulled wine inclusive! And Karaoke, which has to be the sack race of the new millenium. Or something. Obviously, there were also gifts to be distributed among the employees based on a cleverly devised statistical mechanism. And after we were done rolling the dice everyone got to open his/her present. Strangely enough, there were more gifts than people around. The following candidates are still looking for a new owner.

A set of blue lampshade thingies

A ... puzzle ton!

A ... knob moose

A dino figure(GYAAAAR!-bubble's not included in the shipment)

Cultural overload: Don Giovanni DVD

Wanna adopt one of these poor souls? Shoot an email over to within the next two weeks in order to participate in the lottery!

Well, that's it for this week!

The SEK and the mysterious legion of ninja monkeys wish you a Merry Christmas!
SEK - Rockin' the Games Academy

The SEK moved out - and took along Paraworld for a little ride.

But the most important things first: Ina got herself a new pair of boots! And since it was Marco "You'll get that crate of beer I owe you next week. I swear!" Roeth couldn't refrain from spreading this news loudly, we can safely presume that he got his butt kicked with said boots by now.

Anyway. There also are other notable events we can report on this week! We walked the dino. And while we were at it, we took the time and visited the Games Academy. Which happens to be a school for aspiring game developers over here in Berlin. And these students got to check out Paraworld extensively. So, how was this done and what exactly did the students get to play?

Phase 1: A few days ahead of the actual event the students had to fill out a brief questionnaire. Detailing their RTS skills and their preferences. We picked 40 of the applicants and divided the overall group into three smaller 'focus groups' based on the information we had gathered.

Phase 2: the test event. The first two groups got to play singleplayer levels. Members of 'Team Hardcore" got to club each other in the multiplayer mode.

We got to see if and how Paraworld appeals to different audiences. We're not done yet with the evaluation of the test results, but the point that water cannons had to be used in order to ... er... 'remove' the participants from the PCs after the session does seem to be a valid indicator of Paraworld's quality. Or something. Nevertheless, we're looking forward to the final results. Afterall, a team of 8 psychologists spent like to monts on working out the questionnairies. In order to make sure that the questions aren't suggestive and to obtain useful results.

That said, after said psychologists were fired, we sat down to come up with questions that actually make sense. Thus being able to get some good feedback regarding elements such as the gameplay, interface, controls and the graphics among others. And once again, thanks to those who participated in the process and made sure that everything works fine! Of course, we took some photos and are ready to share them. Just scroll down to the end of the article for the pics!

Colour of the week: green. Our dear Nadine (aka Frodine) dared to take a look at the depths of our refrigerator. And it wasn't exactly a pretty sight. We did took some photos, too, but they were later confiscated by the Center for Disease Control. Who were mumbling something about secrets, biological weapons etc. etc. blah blah.


And what else is new? Ingo was quite busy again this week. And when he's not creating mysterious boss enemies, he's also working on the very, very secret C64 version of Paraworld.

Or keeps staring at the awesome ninja monkey wallpaper we put up last week. The one you're already using as desktop background. Right? Lets not forget about the new units that were posted at the official Paraworld homepage this week! Also, according to rumours the voice recording sessions for the German version of the game just began.

Anyway, have a nice weekend, ladies and gentlemen!


P.S.: And here they are - the photos we took the Paraworld test session at the Games Academy:

Zee Tom listens as a tester explains the game to him

"Paraworld? Totally digging it!"

Reinhard (Producer) zee Tom perpare the PCs

SEK - at least we like us

F7 = evil
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