Paraworld.com Launched!

Shortest SEK-News ever: Paraworld.com. Go there. Now.

The Weekly Weather Forecast

And this week we're going to talk about zee contest prize, incredible details on our SEK-news and the weather forecast among other things.read more...

Now it's your turn!

Featured this week: lots of photos, stories from Mother Russia and ... a contest-thingy ... or something.read more...

Propaganda - Now with a Vengeance

You know the drill, it's that time of the week again, so here we go.read more...

No update this week?

Sorry, we're not going to post any update here this week. Of course...read more...

The Weekly Propaganda

SEK-Ost.com launches - an announcement to send shockwaves through the internet.read more...

... Thursday News!

A new update! Hey, it's that time of the year again? Indeed! Incredibly amazing stories and stunning screenshots inclusive.read more...

Time for the Usual Friday Update (TM)!

Except there's no such a thing like a regular Friday update. But that never keeps me from making up things on the spot.read more...

English Forum!

Two news updates in one day? Is this the 7th sign of the Apocalypse?read more...

Paraworld @ GC 2005 Aftermath: News, Photos & Movies!

The Games Convention 2005 is over and everyone's back, healthy and safe. Well, except the 5 employees we're still missing...read more...

Paraworld @ GC 2005: Even More Details!

So, you're holding a Games Convention ticket in your hands and you still don't know exactly where Paraworld will be shown?read more...

Paraworld @ GC 2005: Press Conference Info

Going to attend the Games Convention already on August 17th? Burning to know where Paraworld will be shown first? Here we go!read more...

Paraworld to be shown at the GC 2005

In case you need a good reason to travel to Leipzig this August - we got one for you.read more...

Interview at HC.Gamer

HC.Gamer wanted to know more about Paraworld and fired some questions over to Thomas Langhanki. read more...

The ParaWorld Universe

The first English Paraworld fansite went online.

Previews & Website News

A summary of the post-E3 Paraworld coverage in English online magazines and an explanation of the mystery of the vanishing news posts. read more...

message board
30.10.2005 02:50Uhrkaffee.sturm

Hi Neox, bist du derselbe Neox wie im 3dmaxforum?? Wär ja witzig. Gut, ich schicks am Montag raus, da ich nun ein wenig angeheitert bin :lol: ... Nun, Animator bin ich nicht direkt. Eher...read more...

30.10.2005 00:24UhrMr_Sunshinelive

[b] Guuuut! Dann kanns ja jetzt losgehen... ... Mit schnarchen... Ich gehe ins Bett... guuute Nacht! :D 8) Wir sehen uns wieder... ...Im ersten Tageslicht, wenn die Sonne den...read more...

30.10.2005 00:04UhrKapro

Es gibt - unbewiesenen Gerüchten zufolge - Jetpackeinheiten ;). Was es da noch mehr gibt... Da mußt du leider abwarten bis Q1 2006, wie wir alle. Naja, das war geflunkert, ich weiß es natürlich, aber...read more...

29.10.2005 23:17UhrMr_Sunshinelive

Entlich mal jemand, der gleich denkt... Ich hasse das, wenn man gefragt wird, ob man mit an ne Party geht, und man dann fragt, was das Motto ist... - Halloween... Ist ja schön und gut, aber wenn dann...read more...

29.10.2005 23:12UhrGorm der Große

Halloween? Amischrott

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